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Email templates – Minor bugs, how to fix & alternatives

Posted on September 11, 2018 by Yannis Antonopoulos
Email templates – Minor bugs, how to fix & alternatives


Thanks for using our template. It’s true that Gmail and MailChimp are not very good friends… From the MailChimp side is the HTML structure and from Gmail side are these nonsense limitations. Also, Outlook for Windows has some weakness in displaying correctly the email templates.

Please let me explain.

Gmail issues:

  1. Clipped message
    If you send a message and the body section of the message exceeds 102KB, your Gmail subscribers will see the first 102KB of content and then see the following message – View entire message – Once your subscribers click this button Gmail removes the CSS styles and responsiveness is gone.
  2. Why this happens
    Gmail can read only 16,384kB of MailChimp Editable CSS. This means that if you use many modules to build your template you will override this limitation and then Gmail removes the CSS styles. In simple words, you will be miss any changes you made on background images, background colors and the responsive layout.

Outlook issues:

  1. Background images
    Unfortunately, Outlook by default does not support background images. On our email templates, we add some code that Outlook can read and understand, which means that now can display the background images. The bad news is that MailChimp cannot read this part of the code so when you update a background image using these email services Outlook will still display the default background images. The solution on that is to manually change the urls by using an HTML editor. I am using Sublime Text, it’s free and easy to use. Please have a look at this video –
  2. Documentation
    Also check our online documentation – – and read the paragraph “Outlook issues”. The image describes exactly what and where you have to change.
  3. Images are displayed in double size
    The default images are fine. The problem appears when you replace the default images with yours. In order to help Outlook display correctly your images, you need one more step. Since you are still on MailChimp and you are building your template just hover your mouse above every image and click on “Edit” options which will appear on the top right. Simultaneously you will notice the width of every image. Keep this width in your head and click the “Edit” option. On the right of your screen, you will notice 2 tabs. “Content” and “Settings”. Click on settings and on width field type the width of the image as it appears before some seconds. Click Save and Close and you will be fine!

So now what..? Please have no worries. There is a solution :)

MailChimp fix service for Gmail and Outlook
Once you finish you template on MailChimp and notice all the above issues, simply send us a MailChimp invitation in this email address – – and we will work carefully on your template in order to fix all these bugs.

If you don’t know how to send a MailChimp invitation follow this tutorial which explains how to do that –

Once we finish we will upload on your MailChimp account the same template fixed and ready to send to your subscribers with no bugs! Later we can explain to you how to do these fixes by yourself, it’s not something difficult :)

Stampready as alternative solution
In case you want to use a builder and you may think that Modules Composer is not enough for you then I would recommend you to use the Stampready version of this template. You can create an account on Stampready – – and use this builder! You can save your templates online on Stampready account in order to have an archive. Then you can download your templates in HTML format and upload them on MailChimp. Many people do that and they are very happy with this option. It’s much faster than MailChimp, reliable and very easy to use.

At your disposal,

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